Fajita Factory

Hours : 5pm-10pm Daily, excluding some holidays (call to inquire)

Serving up sizzling fajitas, piping hot empanadas, and ice cold frozen margaritas in Boystown, Chicago.


August 17, 2019

    We Are Open Today

    5:00 pm until 10:00 pm

    Try our new Mongolian Steak fajita!

Outdoor Patio

The back patio is open for the summer season! Equipped with tents to keep you cool and dry.

Weekly Specials

Mondays – $1 Empanadas

Tuesdays – Half Price Fajitas

Wednesdays – $5 Jumbo Margaritas

About Us

D.S. Fajita Factory is a counter service restaurant concept that takes Latin American Cooking to another level. The Fajita Factory presents guests with a worldly take on fajitas with a wide selection of empanadas. Our delicious creations can be enjoyed inside, outside on our patio (summer), at your home, or can be customized for large groups and parties.

In conjunction with great food, Fajita Factory’s Latin inspired drink menu of margaritas, sangrias and mojitos served in large format vessels will quench the thirst of anyone looking to relax after a long day. Chili Mango Margaritas, Basil Watermelon Mojitos and Frozen White Peach Sangrias are only a taste of the tongue tingling, rotating drink menu.

Why express? Our service style is casual and quick. Order from the cashier, take a number, grab a seat and enjoy. Your meal will be created in our open air kitchen- hand prepared quickly in front of your eyes with portions to make your head spin. We present D.S. Fajita Factory, the Hot Mess Express in Boystown, Chicago.

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A fiesta for the eyes and taste buds

The Food

The menu at Fajita Factory consists of a wide selection of savory and sweet à la carte empanadas, classic fajitas, and specialty fajitas that will change seasonally. Fajitas are served either on a tray, or as a low carb salad.

Full bar with frozen drinks

The Music

Music is the soundtrack of our lives; and to accompany your dining experience we’ve curated a mixture of latin pop, cuban, and central american ear candy. Expect to hear Dancehall, Reggaeton, Salsa, Hip Hop, Moombahton, Afro Cuban and more.

The Look

The outside of the building was inspired by the wealth of street art in Central America. We took inspiration from all over the hemisphere to bring a 40 foot mural to life. Graffiti artist Werm (Greg) spent days on a lift painting each brick by hand (you can follow him on Instagram here). We also wanted to express all the colors of the rainbow in Boystown, an already colorful neighborhood.

The Feel

Inside D.S. Fajita Factory we created a street food atmosphere, tipping our hats to the outdoor markets of the Caribbean. Step right in to a weathered, urban, sense of culinary adventure.

Get some spice in your life